What is kind speech?

Here the term refers to any and all messages intending to make their recipients feel good about who they are and what they already have.

This website’s goal is to support and spread the idea that everyone deserves to feel this way. As Mister Rogers put it, we’re special—just because we’re us.

Why is it needed?

Today’s dominant cultures condition people to feel inadequate. Commercial advertising, for example, is everywhere: on TV, on the radio, on the web, on billboards all over. What are these corporations saying? Sometimes it sounds like they’re just letting us know about cool new things they made. How nice. But if we listen closely, we can hear their hidden messages.

“You should dress better,” says the clothing brand. “Your phone is old now,” says the phone manufacturer. “You should eat this,” says the fast food chain. “Your mouth is gross,” says the teeth whitening product.

A computer screen with a shoe ad. A billboard with a phone ad. A bus with a teeth ad.

Suddenly, I’m discontented. I feel self-conscious. I’m hungry. I think maybe my phone needs more megapixels… I didn’t need to hear any of it. Nobody should be made to feel this way.

All of us deserve to be respected, comforted, and spoken to with kindness. Messages we receive should aspire to build us up and make us feel good.


Badges are a discrete and simple way to offer kindness:

They display a changing, short, kind message—carefully curated for maximum wholesomeness. Embed them any place where an image can be displayed from a URL:


See how to customize and use them on your personal website, your GitHub repository documentation, your email signature, and more.


Unkind speech is so convenient. For example, there are plenty of services which make it super easy to sell ads on one’s website. It should be just as easy to display kindness, so we created a kindness API for developers.

It offers original messages as well as attributed quotes, all carefully curated for maximum wholesomeness. Give it a try:

$ curl https://api.kindspeech.org/v1/text

It’s free, it’s simple, and there are no restrictions: check out the full documentation.