Badges are a discrete and simple way to offer kindness:

They display a changing, short, kind message, which aspires to make the recipient feel good about who they are and what they already have.

How to Use Them

They can easily be embedded online, any place where an image can be displayed from a URL:

The background color can also be customized:

For detailed technical information see the API documentation.




<img src="" />

Where to Use Them

Just a few suggestions! The rest is entirely up to you. 😄

Website Footers

A little surprise for those who reach the bottom of your pages.

GitHub Repository Documentation

Many GitHub repositories use badges to display dynamic information about the state of their project. The Kind Speech badges were designed to have a consistent look and feel so that you can share some love along with the state of your build:

Email Signatures

Share some love with every email you send out! Note that some email providers block outside images by default, so recipients may need to explicitly allow the image to load before they can see it. 🤷

Dear Doug,

I was so glad to meet you from your wonderful email. It was interesting to know about your fish and how you take care of them.

You’re special — just because you’re you.

Your television friend,

Mister Rogers