Introducing Kind Speech Badges

Built on top of the Kind Speech API, badges are an easy way for anyone to share some kind words online. They are simple, discrete, customizable, and will display an ever-changing kind message where you place them:

They were inspired by GitHub, where developers use badges to display dynamic information in a context where they can only provide static documentation (in Markdown).

These badges can of course be used on GitHub, in fact they follow the standard set by so they should fit right in alongside other badges. But they can also be used in other places, and not just by developers! All you need is this image URL:

You can add them to your personal website’s footer, your email signature, in online forums, in your blog posts, on your MySpace page (I just checked and yup that’s still a thing), etc.

For more information on customizing and using the badges, see the permanent Badges page. Thank you for reading!

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